Visiting Kelowna BC

We all know that many people want to go out of their homes and explore many different places. It can be a rewarding experience to travel with your loved ones once the pandemic is over because it robbed us of two years of freedom to explore, travel, and enjoy everything we want.

Suppose you want to visit Canada, where the urban and rural communities coalesce together. In that case, Kelowna in British Columbia is the best place to stay.

Kelowna, British Columbia

Kelowna is a sprawling city situated in the southern part of British Columbia. It is located in the Okanagan Valley, which is on the eastern shores of Okanagan Lake.

From its lush vegetation and many places to experience fresh air to its downtown filled with many attractions, urban amenities, and even a lakeside cultural district, Kelowna is the best place for you to enjoy the modernity and the classics at the same time.

Popular times to visit Kelowna

Although Kelowna is open to visitors all year long, you can fully experience the sights and wonders of the city from June to September. If you are visiting with a family, July and August are the best times since you can enjoy many activities that you and your kids would surely love.

If you want to comfortably enjoy Kelowna on your own, then June or September should be the best times for you. This is because the temperature is much better in these months. Also, the kids are already in school by September, so you can peacefully enjoy your time by yourself.

Things to do in the summer

Visiting Kelowna should be on your bucket list for those who want to experience the great outdoors of the Great White North. You can go for early morning hikes, single-track bike rides, and early tee times for starters.

Once you have fully immersed yourself in the summer charms of Kelowna, feel free to go kayaking or canoeing on the lake, or you can also give the Kelowna Paddle Trail a try. With its 27 kilometers filled with many different activities to do, you will indeed have the time of your life here.

If you are not active, Kelowna also offers wine tours on its vineyards, a u-pick session where you can pick whatever fruit is in season. Lastly, Kelowna also hosts various music acts in the city parks during the summer, so you can enjoy culture in summer too.

Winter Activities

Kelowna offers magical activities in the winter, too, because Canada is the Great White North, after all. They offer many different activities that families and other travelers can enjoy in winter.

These activities include ice skating by the frozen lake, winter hiking, downhill skiing and snowboarding, fat biking, and snowmobiles. In addition, downhill skiing and snowboarding are the famous sports done in Kelowna.

If you do not like outdoor activities, Kelowna has got you covered with its many seasonal offerings done indoors. You can chug some seasonal beer from a craft brewery, browse different shops downtown, or grabbing a relaxing meal in a farm-to-table setup.

Lake Okanagan

Lake Okanagan is the heart of the city, where everything magical happens. It is a deep and large lake situated in the Okanagan Valley. This is where many seasonal activities happen, from swimming and water activities in the summer to skating on the lake in the winter months. The lake is an integral part of Kelowna, and without the lake, half of the charms that Kelowna has would be gone.

The Ogopogo

If Scotland has the Loch Ness monster, the Lake Okanagan has the Ogopogo. According to Canadian folklore, it is a lake monster that inhabits the lake. There were many reported sightings of the lake monster that started in 1872, but none of them were confirmed. Kelowna has used the Ogopogo as a tourist attraction, making it their version of Nessie in the Canadian waters.


Kelowna offers the best of both worlds in all four seasons, making it one of the best places to visit in British Columbia. You can enjoy many activities, from exploring the great outdoors to enjoying the many cultural and artistic offerings that the city has downtown. Whatever reason you have, Kelowna has got you covered.

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Things To Do In Lower Mission Kelowna

Kelowna is truly a four season play ground and people from all over the world travel to this destination in the summer for Lake Okanagan and the amazing golf courses and in the winter for the dry powder snow. The friendly community atmosphere attracts families and seniors alike. If you are considering a vacation or a permanent move do not miss coming to see our city.

Golfing – Enjoy golfing for all ages on the putting greens or on the course. Book golfing tours through some of the local hotels or online booking companies.  Ask for a recommendation of courses that meet your interests such as  Kelowna Gold and Country Club, Sunset Ranch, Kelowna Springs, Gallagher’s or Harvest Gold Course.

Wine Tours– There are over 30 wineries and growing in and around the area, Book a Wine Tour or Caravan on your own. I recommend Summerhill Winery, Cedar Creek Winery, St Hubertus, House of Rose, Mission Hill and some of the small family  wine shops. This is a fun day to share with friends and taste some of Okanagan’s greatest vintages in white, red or sparkling.

Okanagan Lake – Something for everyone starting with the warm sandy beaches. Try renting a sail boat or a paddle board both are great exercise and allow you to enjoy the scenic views and fresh air. Or if you are a little more adventurous try wakeboarding, tubing or jet skiing. For swimmers there are a couple of long distance swims in the summer such as The Across the Lake Swim from West Kelowna over to City Park  and then there is the advanced Rattle Snake Swim from Rattle Snake Island to Peachland.


Biking– Everyday along the roads you will find enthusiastic bikers on road touring bikes or trail bikes traveling in singles or in packs climbing the hills and peddling past the orchards, vineyards and farms. If you are interested in finding someone to ride with call one of the local bike shops and see what groups are available. It is nice to ride with some people who know the territory and roads.

RunningKelowna hosts a few events during the year such as the Okanagan International Marathon, The Santa Claus Run, the Pub Run etc. Call the running stores and see what races are in the near future and what groups gather for a friendly run around the city.

Hiking– Something just about everyone can enjoy at their own pace. From the city center travel North to Knox Mountain, you can park at the foot of the mountain of drive up and catch some fantastic views of the city, Okanagan Lake and the hills. There is also a 2 Klm hike along the lake to Paul’s Tomb on a gentle rolling path, a great place to bring a lunch and jump in the lake for a swim.

Farmers Market– During the summer there is a Farmers Market a couple of times a week close to Orchard Park Mall. As well along some of the roads local farmers will sell produce from their farms. Great to pick up fresh produce daily from the locals.

Skiing– Big White, Crystal , and Silver Star Mountain all at your finger tips with fabulous fluffy show for down hill or cross country skiing.

H20 Sports Center– located in Lower Mission Kelowna Enjoy one of the few 50 competitive pools in BC. Fun for the whole family with a wave pool, kids water park, water slides  and  surfing for the bravest. H20 also has a large gym and regular yoga and spin classes.

Buy A Home In Kelowna -When you visit Kelowna you will find many reasons to want to move here and finding a place to live is one of them.

Kasugai Japanese Garden-Only open in the summer time and a favorite place for graduation and wedding photos. Beautiful gardens and fish ponds

Father Pandosy Mission– Located on Benvoulin this is the original settlement in 1850’s for Father Pandosy. Visit and view some of our history and the type of homes built by the first settlers.…

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